Yearly Membership

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Unlock a year of unparalleled jiu jitsu training and savings with Travis Stevens Jiu Jitsu Academy's exclusive yearly membership. By joining our thriving community, you not only gain access to top tier instruction and facilities but also save a remarkable $600 off the total membership cost, making your journey towards mastery both rewarding and cost effective.

Four additional benefits of our yearly membership:

  1. Unlimited Access: Enjoy unlimited access to all classes, seminars, and special events offered at Travis Stevens Jiu Jitsu Academy throughout the entire year, empowering you to train on your terms and at your convenience.

  2. Advanced Training Opportunities: Take advantage of specialized advanced training sessions and workshops tailored to refine your technique, deepen your understanding of jiu jitsu principles, and enhance your overall skill level.

  3. Exclusive Community Events: Connect with fellow members and instructors through exclusive community events, social gatherings, and competitions, fostering camaraderie, support, and mutual growth both on and off the mats.

  4. Priority Scheduling: Benefit from priority scheduling for private lessons, belt promotions, and other personalized services, ensuring you receive the attention and support needed to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.